MGOCSM Service Project

On March 22, 2015, MGOCSM in collaboration from Baliga Bala Samajam hosted The 2015 Hygiene Kit Service Project. The supplies assembled would be sent to IOCC, International Orthodox Christian Charity Organization, which will then be distributed overseas to countries who are need of basic supplies we use everyday. These supplies will be beneficial as an emergency/ hygiene kit when a disaster strikes.

It was a blessing and an amazing experience to assemble the hygiene kits, which included bars of soap, hand towels, wash cloths, nail filers, tooth brushes, combs and bandaids. We have the privilege to have these supplies at our disposal, while many around the world do not have any access to the basic necessities. We also wanted to convey our condolences and Prayers to Rev. Fr. Micheal Baker's family due to his passing, so we had tables set up to make cards and send it to them. All in all, it was Blessed event that brought the older and younger kids together in unity and fellowship.

MGOCSM is based on 3 principles: Worship, Study, and Service. Service is the principle that much attention is not given to. So as we come together during this Great Lent through fasting and prayer, let us also give back to those who need it the most.

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