Summer Series 2014

FOCUS Families Summer Series, which began June 6th, was eight weeks of review games, group activities and faith-filled messages . Meeting on Wednesday evenings could be challenging but that didn't prevent our members from coming out and participating! We left each week learning just a little more about a Bible character we have learned or at least heard of in those good old Sunday School days.

With "Christ in the Old Testament" as this year's theme, we got the opportunity to understand how characters or events from the Old Testament were a 'type of Christ'. Everyone seemed to enjoy review games of tic-tac-toe, Bazinga, FOCUS Family Feud and we even dressed up Matthew and Jimmy as Samson! Sometimes we even wore "thinking hats" to help deepen our understanding of Scripture and 'see' from different perspectives.

We especially appreciate Joel Achen for preparing weekly messages for us and making them relatable. We were blessed to have Christopher Achen close out our last summer session on August 6th with a beautiful image of Orthodox worship through Isaiah's vision of God sitting on His throne.

As this summer series comes to a close, we look forward to another series of faith and fun! See you next summer!